[TRANS] Characteristic Comparison!!

Q1) Favorite Hairstyle?: Short Hair. Had been sporting short hair during pre-debut now it’s like this! I don’t really mind.
Q2) Intelligence:
In terms of studying i cannot answer you that. (smile wryly)
Q3) Face asset:
the charm of my crooked teeth!
Q4) Favorite Song:
Tasty’s Song! All recommended.
Q5) Favorite Scent:
I’m not really good with perfume. Too strong perfume gives me headache. So i choose perfume who doesn’t have strong scent!
Q6) Favorite Flavor: 
Sweet and Nutty flavor
Q7) Favorite Food:
Sushi, Raw Beef
Q8) Personality:
I’m an active person.
Q9) Food you don’t like:
Pupa (exotic food). Because it makes me vomit.
Q10) Hand Size: completely the same as Soryong!
Q11) Arm Size:
Q12) When did you experience first love?:
at the age of 20
Q13) Who?:
a friend of a friends friend. met during a gethering of friends!
Q14) Foot Size: 280mm
Q15) Favorite Word: Don’t worry what other people say! (i think it’s something like don’t mind the bad things people say)
Q16) Kind of person you look up to: a person who works hard
Q17) Did you received lots of chocolates during Valentines Day?: receive a little from female friends, but never get a chance to receive from a girlfriend because i never had one during that time.
Q18) Favorite Style: Hip Hop Style. We both like the style, but it’s our cordi who style us.
Q19) Clothe Size: it’s either medium or large but i’m more suitanble to wearing large
Q20) Ideal Type: Nice and Attractive Woman
Q21) Treasure: I don’t have that much. Since we don’t have a place to put many stuffs.
Q22) Mobile Phone’s Wallpaper?: BBC(Billionaire Boys Club) clothing brand logo.
Q23) Comes to mind when you hear ‘Japan’ ?: Babe or BBC. Soryong and I both think of that fashion brands.

translated by @tastyph

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